Chica Mala is defined by a passion to commit to conscious and impactful consumerism. We collaborate with Guatemalan artisans to incorporate our rich Mayan weaving traditions and designs into beautiful finished home goods and lifestyle products. Chica Mala directly contributes to the livelihood and sustainability of the indigenous communities whose jobs are at risk to fast fashion and machine-manufactured goods. All products are made by hand using ethically sourced, high quality materials.


Chica Mala represents women who will not accept limitations and will work fiercely to dismantle stereotypes, prejudice and injustices for women around the world. Our artisan partners are business women, leaders, and community organizers from rural communities in Guatemala.

Meet the Chica Mala familia.


As a Guatemalan native, Ana Gabriela wants to shine a spotlight on the richness of her culture and the tangible beauty of her home – all while creating a business that makes a social, environmental, and educational impact.

When the Covid-19 global pandemic started Ana Gabriela reconnected with a team of Indigenous artisan women in rural Guatemala she had met in 2018. She remembered them telling her how much their communities rely on tourism for their business to thrive. Their coperativa (co-op) was made up of 35 Indigenous women who were each representing and providing for their families. 

Without knowing it, her social entrepreneurship journey began that moment with a genuine will to help. She began virtually collaborating with her co-op partners on innovative ways to expand their marketplace and started sourcing, designing and creating unique artisanal handmade pieces to sell in the US. 

Latinx play a key role in economic growth as our buying power jumped to more than $1.7 trillion in the US. Ana saw an opportunity to create high quality products that support the economic development of our indigenous communities in Latin America all while creating representation for women of color in business in the US.